Thursday, March 5, 2015

Goodbye Blogger...'s been a pleasure!  I finally took the plunge, and the HUGE learning curve and switched my website AND my blog over to Wordpress.  This will be the last post from me here on blogger.  If you enjoy reading my ramblings, please follow me on my new journey ---

Hope to see/hear from all of you...any feedback will be awesome!  Thanks for being my loyal friends throughout this journey.

love and peace always ~~~ Kathy

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance." --- Alan Watts

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sneaux, Sleds and that order!

We've been getting some much welcomed sneaux around here!  And, the weather people are predicting another eight [plus] inches tonight!  Brrrrrrrrr.  Being from Louisiana, I have never had an opportunity to fly through the snow on a sled...not that I've ever thought I'd been missing out, or anything, it's just something I never did...but, then again, we never really had any substantial snow accumulation in Louisiana.  So a few months back, Wayne and I were poking around an antique warehouse in Asheville and Wayne came across this sled:
He was so excited!  He said "that's the same sled I had when I was a kid"...of course, he grew up in Boston, so he had plenty of opportunities to fly through the snow.  And yesterday, before the plow showed up to clear our road, we took a spin [or a slide, actually] down the hill --- this was my view:
So much fun!  Who knew?  And maybe we can do it all over again tomorrow!  Life is good :)
And I am in love with this gorgeous little necklace I made today...I named it "Snake Charmer" --- it's for sale in my Etsy shop, if you want to take a closer look!

Well, the sneaux has started to fall, so I guess that means it's time to open the wine!  Stay safe and warm!

love and peace always ~ Kathy

"Living in balance and purity is the highest good for you and the earth." --- Deepak Chopra
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